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Baobab Oil:

Baobab Oil comes from the baobab tree, often called “the Tree of Life” or “Pharmacy Tree” in Africa. 

Rich in omega-3 fatty acid, baobab oil is a lightweight oil that is ideal for facial use and it may heal skin rashes, and reduce skin redness and swelling. It may treat dandruff and skin flaking on the scalp and works as a leave-in conditioner for the hair. 

Suitable for all skin types, ages, genders & ethnicities.


AASAI is an Afro-Scandinavian family project delivering skin and body nourishers from Africa to the world. Our products are sourced and hand-made in direct and daily contact with local communities in Uganda & Kenya and packaged with love in Denmark. Having African traditions, wisdom, and sustainability at heart, we seek to embrace the struggles, hopes, and needs of young Afropean metropolitans.

AASAI represents the continuity between the continent, its diaspora, the young, the old, and beyond — an alternative approach to skincare.

From Farm to Skin, From Skin to Soul
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