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100% Cotton
Cold wash & hand dry, recommended

HUMAN ACCESSORY™ crewneck-tee by ADRIAN THE POOR DUSTMAN c/o THARUS now available in limited quantity at S7UDIO STARS“HUMAN ACCESSORY an original concept by ADRIAN. HUMAN ACCESSORY is embedded into the idea of shallow and short-term love – when someone is looking for love the same way you would look for new designer bags, searching for someone that compliments her/his looks like accessories. What if in their eyes love got a product-cycle and they need new bags to get themselves excited again.HUMAN ACCESSORY when shallow love is chosen over real love and deep affection. Has someone ever accessorized you? Do you not get them as excited as when they first brought you? Or are you the one accessorizing someone else? ”Model: SELMA @delvisafrikaner© 2021 HFNA COLLECTIVE™ All Rights Reserved.

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