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Mattia Maso x Marbless



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Venetian designer Mattia Maso creates artistic works where forms and colours come to life.

Graduated in industrial design, Mattia moved to CPH in 2014, where he started to experiment with gypsum, construction materials and finally scagliola (confermi??), creating his own identity in the artistic world. “I love making stuff, working with my hands. I’ve always loved to create objects since I was a kid, making paper flowers at the summer camps!”. Mattia’s approach to his artworks starts with colours, applied in a playful combination through all mediums: pencils, sprays, ribbons, pigments, textiles. From being a flat element, like “dust particles”, colours turn into a “land” when blended together and applied on surfaces with divers shapes, creating every time something unique. Coming from an industrial education, Mattia’s approach is to give objects a function, reason why, after creating his works of art, he shapes them into objects, elevating beauty to a proper function. The technique he works with is called scagliola; it finds its origins in Tuscany back to the 17th century, when craftsmen found a way to substitute marble inlays. By applying a mixture of gypsum powder, glue and natural pigments, and through a long sending process, they were able to imitate hard stones in the production of flat surfaces like tables and columns. Along with the creation of vases, podiums and artworks, Mattia is currently experimenting techniques to cast floors with scagliola.

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