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Local stickerbook



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Local Stickerbook is an independent magazine exhibiting works of contemporary Ukrainian artists. For each edition, around 20 artists are selected to represent their creations through the sticker format. The project was launched in February 2021 as an initiative of Kyiv-based artists and curators. Since that time, the team successfully hosted several multi-format events uniting various local musicians, artists, and enthusiasts to explore metamodernistic ideas and approaches.

After releasing two editions of the magazine, the team aims to keep investigating and documenting actual Ukrainian alternative art and introduce it outside Ukraine. For this reason, the third edition of Local Stickerbooks will be presented in Studio stars! This initiative brings together creators of publishing-based practices giving opportunities for new kinds of international collaborations enabling Local Stickerbook to attract attention to such essential topics as the importance of art and the role of artists during the wartime. Diligently selecting works of mainly young local artists, the magazine’s team strives to push the boundaries of conventional aesthetics and show a brisk view of new reality, sending valuable cultural signals and messages to the international communities.

The Local Stickerbook team also provides artists and their families with financial aid. The team intends to create a special financial support foundation giving part of the profits and donations to the Ukrainian artist in need.


1. Ksenia Inozemtceva @iks_________________________

2. Sana Shahmuradova @sana_shahmuradova_tanska

3. Maria Matiashova @maria.matiashova

4. Lera Ganicheva @lergaganicheva

5. unfiltered vizualization @03mpx

6. Secondhead Showroom @secondheadshowroom

7. Anna Dmytrenko @panika.gluck

8. Postmortemtantra @postmortemtantra

9. Kateryna Byrun @yak_ijora

10. Alena Yarysh @yarysh_alenka

11. Etching Room @etching.room1

12. Reamor Ceramics @reamorceramics

13. Ilya Todurkin @pervijya

14. Lera Ganicheva @leraganicheva

15. Anja Orm @ormstick

16. Kinder Seele @kinderseele5

17. Unknown @unknownthung3310

18. Evgeniy Derkach @ujn3000

19. Obies @best_obies

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