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ryaw japan

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RYAW Leaf Vein Bag in White

An original textile that has been surface-treated by giving hot air to ballistic nylon.
22AW theme, expressing leaf veins based on biophyllic.
Adopted a design that fits the body with a difference between the left and right sides of the main body. A shoulder bag that can be used by both men and women for travel and everyday use.

This product needs 2-3 weeks shipping time as it is sent from Japan

About RYAW

Ryaw Pursue things that encourage viewers and wearers to think deeply based on experimental modeling and graphics. By developing medical equipment into clothes and accessories, the designer chews things that he / she has experienced in his / her own brain, pursuing cutting-edge gimmicks / details, pursuing cutting-edge gimmicks / details, and being organic with technology. It is a fusion of fashion.

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