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Smoke up



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Organic or wild harvested herbs, prepared and packaged by hand. Made in Berlin Kreuzberg. No artificial flavor or chemical substances. Non-addictive. Nicotine free.
Available in three versions: Smoke Up, Smoke Down and Smoke Zero.

Smoke Up Fresh & Minty
Ingredients: damiana, marshmallow leaf, mullein, clary sage, catnip, mugwort, peppermint.
Best paired with sativa & hybrid strains to enhance the euphoric, energizing and uplifting cerebral effects. Uplifting, creative and energizing mix that will relax your body and de-cloud your brain.

Smoke Zero Woodsy & Earthy
Ingredients: damiana, marshmallow leaf, mullein, raspberry leaf, willow bark.
Great universal blend to pair with any strain. Smooth light herbs mixed with willow bark- added for pleasant woody depth and body. Combats: lung-inflammation, anxiety and stress.

Smoke Down Sweet & Sensual
Ingredients: marshmallow leaf, mullein, damiana, raspberry leaf, skullcap, chamomile, rose petals
Best paired with indicas and hybrids to wind down and enhance the calming and relaxing properties. Smoke Down is a great blend for those seeking pleasure, get down to it with sensual rose petals and famed aphrodisiac damiana that will stimulate and boost your mood.

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